If you’re a ‘Burak Deniz’ Fan, You’ll Need to Know These CRAZY Facts About Him’

Burak Deniz Facts

If you’re a ‘Burak Deniz’ Fan, You’ll Need to Know These CRAZY Facts About Him’

Full Name
Burak Deniz
17 February 1991 (age 31)
Istanbul, Turkey
Actor, Model
Known for
Winning GQ Men of the Year 2017 and Playing lead role of 'Murat Sarsılmaz' in famous Turkish series, Aşk Laftan Anlamaz

Burak Deniz is a Turkish model and actor who is best known for playing a lead role in the Turkish serial, Aşk Laftan Anlamaz as Murat Sarsılmaz and later in career as Barış Aktan in the serial Bizim Hikaye followed by playing the role of Mehmet Kadir Bilmez in the internet series Yarım Kalan Aşklar.

Burak Deniz belongs to Istanbul and was born on 17 February 1991. He was brought up in Izmit. It was director Gökçe Doruk Erten, who helped him start his career as an actor.


Burak Deniz Interesting facts

Interesting Burak Deniz Facts That You Didn’t Know

Here are some interesting facts about Burak for his fans who wanted to know every nitty-gritty information about him:

Turkish actor Burak Deniz Facts by The Celeb Bio

Student of History of Art

Burak has been a student of art at Çanakkale 18 Mart University in Turkey. He was inclined towards acting since his teens.

Actor Burak Deniz Interesting facts

Started Working at an Early Age

While he was studying in high school, he used to attend various acting workshops to brush up on his acting skills. During one such acting workshop, he was spotted by the Turkish casting director Gökçe Doruk Erten who offered him a role in an acting project. At that time, he was only 17 years old.

Burak Deniz Facts That You Didn't Know

Featured on the Cover Page of Magazines

He is a popular model in Turkey and has featured on the cover page of various renowned magazines like Samdan, Esquire, GQ, and Hello!


Actor Burak Deniz Interesting facts on the cover of GQ Men of the Year

Good By Heart

Burak is not only physically appealing, but he is a kind-hearted man. He loves animals which are quite visible through his Instagram posts.


Burak Deniz Facts by The Celeb Bio

Resemblance to Zayn Malik

His looks are quite similar to the British singer Zayn Malik. In Turkey, Burak is considered the ‘Zayn Malik of Turkey.’

Burak Deniz Facts - Doppledanger of Zayn Malik

Brand Ambassador of a Shampoo Brand

Burak is the brand ambassador of the popular shampoo brand ‘head & shoulders’ Turkey. He has also featured in the TV commercials of the shampoo, which is telecasted in Turkey.



Habit of Smoking

He has shared various pictures on his Instagram while smoking. He does not promote smoking and has mentioned do not smoke caption in his various Instagram posts.

Handsome Burak Deniz Facts That You Didn't Know - Smokes

A Water Baby

Burak loves relaxing in the water, whether it’s a swimming pool or other water sports. To relax his body and mind, he loves to do scuba diving.


Burak Deniz Facts -He loves swimming

Friendly Co-Worker

Unlike many famous celebrities, he is very cordial and friendly with his co-actors. He often spends quality time with his co-stars, once the shooting is over.


Actor Burak Deniz Facts That You Didn't Know

GQ Men of the Year

He has won many awards for his Turkish TV series and films. He has received the GQ Men of the Year Award in the years 2017 and 2021.

Actor Burak Deniz receiving GQ men of the year award 2019 - Facts

Dated Turkish Model

Just like his TV series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, he was in a relationship with the Turkish model Didem Soydan. They dated for a few months, but due to constant fights, the couple broke up. As per the sources, their last heated argument was over an Instagram post of Didem. After watching the post, Burak had said,

I respect your profession, but please don’t cross the line. These poses are too much.”

After a long discussion, Didem decided to break up her relationship with Burak for his over-possessive nature.


Actor Burak Deniz and Didem Soydan dating - interesting facts

Drink and Drive Case

In 2020, a drink and drive case was filed against him by the Turkish Police. He hit a motorcycle with his car, and he was tested positive for the alcohol test. He was fined 1,228 lire (91.20 euros) and a six-month suspension of his driver’s license.


Burak Deniz Facts Interesting


So, these were some of the interesting facts about the handsome hunk of Turkey ‘Burak Deniz.’ Hope now you know a bit about him! 


Turkey Actor Burak Deniz Interesting facts


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