OK Tested Hosts (2022) – What Were They Doing Before Working with OK Tested?

Ok Tested Hosts and what jobs they did before

OK Tested Hosts (2022) – What Were They Doing Before Working with OK Tested?

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OK Tested Hosts (And, what they did before)
What is OK Tested?
Ok Tested is a YouTube channel launched in 2017 by ScoopWhoop that creates lifestyle and entertainment content.
Subscribers Count (2022)
1.5 Million Subscribers

Six young minds came together to start an entertainment-based media company in 2013, hence forming the company named ScoopWhoop Media (parent company of OK Tested). Sattvik Mishra, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Sriparna Tikekar, Saransh Singh, Suparn Pandey, and Debarshi Banerjee were the co-founders who came up with an idea to start a YouTube channel ScoopWhoop, and later, in 2017, started another YouTube channel OK Tested.

If you also love to watch YouTube videos, then you must have gone through the videos of OK Tested. The USP of the OK Tested videos is not only its content, but the way anchors present themselves in the videos. Each one of them has a unique style of hosting making a separate fan base for themselves. 

List of OK Tested Anchors (And, What Were They Doing Before)

Here is a list of a few anchors of OK Tested who appear in the videos more often.

1. Kanishk Priyadarshi 

He is indeed one of the funniest anchors of OK Tested, basically from Delhi. Before joining OK Tested, he used to work as an anchor at Brown Street and was a theatre artist at Asmita Theatre Group.


Kanishk Priyadarshi - OK Tested host

Kanishk Priyadarshi 

2. Satyam Jha Suman

Satyam from Orissa joined OK Tested (ScoopWhoop) as an associate creative director. On-demand of the audience, he started appearing as an anchor for various OK Tested videos. Earlier, he used to work as a director with an entertainment company.


Satyam Jha Suman - OK Tested host

Satyam Jha Suman

3. Akshay Nayar

A South Delhian who started as a video producer with ScoopWhoop started working as an anchor in the YouTube videos of OK Tested. He used to work as an assistant director at Friday Filmworks and was one of the assistant directors in the Hindi film ‘Rustom,’ before he joined ScoopWhoop.


Akshay Nayar - OK Tested host

Akshay Nayar

4. Kaustubh Chaturvedi 

The guy with the dreadlocks, Kaustubh from Lucknow, joined SccopWhoop in 2017 after doing a few internships with various media houses including NDTV.


Kaustubh Chaturvedi - OK Tested host

Kaustubh Chaturvedi

5. Aakansha Pushp 

The girl from Bihar started working as a graphic designer at ScoopWhoop. Her desi attitude won the heart of the audience, and she became one of the loveable anchors of OK Tested in a very short period. She did graduation in fashion design.


Aakansha Pushp - OK Tested host

Aakansha Pushp

6. Tenzing Wang

The glamorous yet stylish anchor of OK Tested, Delhi-based Tenzin is one of the best anchors of the channel. She was a content creator before joining OK Tested.


Tenzin Wang- Ok Tested Host

Tenzin Wang

7. Vivek Chauhan

The fitness freak Pahadi guy from Uttarakhand joined ScoopWhoop as a video producer after completing his graduation. People love watching him in food challenge videos of OK Tested.

Vivek Chauhan - OK Tested Host

Vivek Chauhan

8. Rohit Bhattacharya

The bong guy of OK Tested started working as an associate editor. His cool attitude of anchoring is loved by the audience. Before OK Tested (ScoopWhoop), he used to work as a video editor.   


Rohit Bhattacharya - OK Tested host

Rohit Bhattacharya

9. Robin Kurian

Robin from Kerala has made a special place as an anchor on OK Tested with only a few videos. The devilish style of Robin has been liked by the audience. He is indeed the “Komolika of OK Tested.” He used to work as a video editor at Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Centre before ScoopWhoop.

Robin Kurian - OK Tested Host

Robin Kurian

So, these were some of the anchors of OK Tested who appear in the videos of the channel more frequently and never fail to entertain the audience. Hope you enjoyed this blog!

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