Romuald Fons – Wiki, Bio, Height, Movie, Weight, Family, Relationships, Interesting Facts, Career, Awards, Biography, YouTube, Bigseo and More


Romuald Fons – Wiki, Bio, Height, Movie, Weight, Family, Relationships, Interesting Facts, Career, Awards, Biography, YouTube, Bigseo and More

Full Name
Romuald Fons
1978 (43 years in 2021)
Barcelona, Spain
Entrepreneur and YouTuber
Known For
Being a Spanish YouTuber who earned €1 million in a week and Founder of Bigseo Marketing.


Romuald Fons is an entrepreneur and a YouTuber known for earning €1 million in a week to sell a course on improving video ranking for €750. Romuald Fons was born and brought up in Barcelona, Spain. Romuald Fons is a founder of Bigseo Marketing. Romuald Fons went to Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona to study architecture. 

Romuald Fons is a tech entrepreneur who has seen failures in his career. He failed as a student and musician before getting into the SEO business. 


Romuald Fons

Physical Statistics

Height – 5’5” (in feet inches)

Eye color – Light Brown 

Hair Color – Dark Brown


Romuald Fons is married, and he has one son and one daughter. He has divorced his wife. 


Romuald Fons with his Son and Daughter


Romuald Fons always wanted to be a singer, for which he left the university where he was studying architecture to go on a six-year tour as a singer of a band named Rembrandt42. He met his ex-wife at one of his concerts, after which he settled down for a job, where he was cleaning legionella tanks. 

Romuald Fons started working as an architect in Pere Clarabuch Dates in August 2002 and continued working here for two months. After that, he worked as Tecsistem S.L.

Quality Manager, where he worked for almost six years. Romuald Fons founded Nakoko in January 2010, which was the first social network aimed at an audience interested in collecting and storing articles and images. He ran this company for almost two years. Romuald Fons went completely broke after running this setup as he was putting all his money and time into this firm. 


Romuald Fons

In 2012, Romuald Fons worked on Spanish eBay, called Lovende, a web for buying and selling by auction and fixed prices of second-hand items and collectibles. Romuald Fons went completely broke after he started working on Lovende. He worked here for almost five months before founding Bigseo Marketing, SLU, which he began in August 2012 and is currently working in this company. Bigseo Marketing, SLU is a digital agency specialized in generating business with marketing, positioning, and analytical strategies. 

Interesting Facts About Romuald Fons

1. Romuald Fons is a Spanish YouTuber and an entrepreneur. 

2. Romuald sells courses on YouTube in which he teaches people to improve views on their videos. 

3. He has spent two years positioning and planning the videos that he published on his YouTube channel. 

4. Romuald Fons has a big community, and his followers are called Marketing Furious. 

5. Romuald wanted to be a singer, and he left his university to follow his passion. 

6. He has inked a tattoo on his left arm. 


Romuald Fons Tattoo

7. Romuald Fons is a fun loving person, and he spends most of his time with his kids. 


Romuald Fons

8. Fons’ company BIGSEO Agency had a turnover of €4 million in 2020. 

9. Romuald was not able to afford optional vaccinations for his son at one point. 

10. He loves partying with his grandfather, who is 93 years old (in 2021).


Romuald Fons with his grandfather

11. Romuald Fons joined YouTube on 9 July 2012 and uploaded his first video on 1 October 2015.

12. Romuald Fons has another YouTube channel named ‘Romuald FonsOrbital Theme’, which he started on 27 September 2017. 

13. He always wanted to be like Facebook’s founder, Mark Zukerberg, confessed in an interview. He said:

 I wanted to do like [Facebook founder Mark] Zuckerberg and blow things apart

14. Romuald Fons has lost weight, and he has uploaded a video on losing weight on his YouTube channel. It is Romuald’s most viewed video on his channel (in 2021). 

15. YouTube’s algorithms can be hacked. It’s not like Google – ROMUALD FONS, SEO EXPERT

In an interview, Romuald Fons said:

YouTube’s algorithms can be hacked,” he says. “It’s not like Google [YouTube and Google are owned by the same company, Alphabet]. Google has to show the user what they want to find because otherwise, they will stop using it. YouTube promotes clickbait [content designed to drive traffic to a website] in an extreme way.”

I’ve bought every course there is, and I explain things that have never been explained,” he says. “We explain how to use Google, so you know what type of content to create.” 

Clickbait is what you have to do,”

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