Kshama Bindu- Wiki, Biography, Age, Home, Family, Boyfriend, Sologamy, Marriage, Self-Marriage, Tattoos, Wedding, Jobs, Facts, Weight, Height

Kshama Bindu Biography

Kshama Bindu- Wiki, Biography, Age, Home, Family, Boyfriend, Sologamy, Marriage, Self-Marriage, Tattoos, Wedding, Jobs, Facts, Weight, Height

Real Full Name
Soumya Sarita Dubey
12 August 1998 (24 years in 2022)
Daman, Gujarat, India
Content Creator and an employee of a private firm
Known For
Being the first person to adopt the concept of Sologamy (where a person marries himself).


Kshama Bindu is a girl from Daman, Gujarat, who went viral on the internet for adopting Sologamy, where she decided to marry herself. She was born and brought up in Daman, Gujarat, India. She went to The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda (A public university in Vadodara, Gujarat) for completing her graduation in Sociology. Her nationality is Indian and her zodiac sign is Leo.



Kshama Bindu Biography Wikipedia


Physical Statistics

Eye Color- Dark brown

Hair Color- Light Auburn

Height- 5’3″ (in feet inches)

Weight- 52 kg (in kilograms) approximately



Kshama Bindu was born into a Gujarati family. Her father lives in South Africa and is an engineer. Her mother’s name is Sarita Dubey, and she is also an engineer. She has one sister, named Swati Dubey.



Bindu with her mother and sister

Bindu with her mother and sister


Kshama Bindu is a Gujarati girl, who hails from Gujarat. Bindu works in a private firm and went viral once she posted on the internet about her adopting sologamy in June 2022. That has made her the first person to adopt Sologamy and herself.

She right after completing her graduation started working as an HR manager in Ashwamedh Political Consulting. She has also worked as a model and dance choregrapher. Later on, she was recruited by a firm called IMS People Possible as a senior recruiter.

Bindu was also making TikTok videos at that time. She managed to build a good fan base on TikTok, however, the app got banned in India.


Kshama Bindu Wedding Invitation

Bindu Wedding Invitation

Interesting Facts About Kshama Bindu

1. Kshama Bindu went bald in September 2021 and showed it to all her subscribers on her video uploaded on her channel. She loves experimenting with her hair – be it coloring it or chopping it off completely. Her video title and the description said:

Title: I FINALLY SHAVED MY HEAD!!! (Feeling Liberated)


Hey Hooman, I always wanted to shave off all my hair but could never do it because of many reason. One major reason was “how society may treat me” One day, while I was talking to myself I took an impulsive decision to go for it and not care about society like I neve did. I took this decision in one day and shaved off all my hair, I was crying out of happiness. I felt beautiful like never before. That day I became someone else. I realized, the true meaning of beauty is just staying happy and loving yourself inside out. Stay Raw, Stay Beautiful.

In June 2022, Kshama announced that she adopted Sologamy and married herself. This was what she wanted from her childhood. She always had this concept in mind but didn’t know if something like this exist or not. So, once she Googled about it and got to know about Sologamy. She is expected to get married to herself with all rituals on 11 June 2022. She is the first person to do so in India, however, this culture is quite popular in western countries. Her wedding is conducted in a temple at Gotri in Vadodra, Gujarat, India. Besides, she has also planned to Goa for almost 2 weeks to celebrate her honeymoon. After she announced this, she became the talk of the town, went viral over the internet, and people started making memes about her. She was also interviewed by some media reporters, and she said in one of the interviews:

Self-marriage is a commitment to be there for yourself and love yourself unconditionally. It’s also an act of self-acceptance. People marry someone they love. I love myself and hence this wedding.”



Her Tattoos!

2. She has got 3 tattoos on her body – one on her neck, one on her left arm, and one on her right leg.



Kshama Bindu Tattoos



Kshama Bindu’s Tattoo on the right leg


Kshama Bindu Tattoo on Neck

Kshama Bindu’s Tattoo on Neck



Kshama Bindu Neck Tattoo

 Bindu’s Neck Tattoo



Bindu’s Tattoo on the right leg


3. She has also got a septum piercing.


Kshama Bindu Septum piercing



4. Kshama loves to explore new places and travel.


Kshama Bindu Loves traveling


5. She loves swimming.


Kshama Bindu Loves swimming


6. She accepts in an interview that her sexual orientation is Bisexual.


Kshama Bindu’s Interview:



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