Rajoshi Barua (Piloo Vidyarthi) Wiki, Biography, Age, Hometown, Siblings, Parents, Education, Career, Interesting facts, and More

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Rajoshi Barua (Piloo Vidyarthi) Wiki, Biography, Age, Hometown, Siblings, Parents, Education, Career, Interesting facts, and More

Rajoshi Barua (Piloo Vidyarthi) is an Indian actress, singer, and author. She is best known for being the first wife of veteran Indian actor Ashish Vidyarthi and the daughter of Bengali actress Shakuntala Barua. She came into the limelight in May 2023 when she separated from her husband, Ashish Vidyarthi, who got married to a fashion entrepreneur, Rupali Barua.



Rajoshi Barua Biography


Rajoshi Barua (popularly known as Piloo Vidyarthi after her marriage) was born on August 30 in Kolkata, India. After completing her school education, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics (Hons.) at Jadavpur University in 1990. (“Rajoshi Barua’s LinkedIn Account”)




Her mother’s name is Shankuntala Barua, who is a well-known Bengali actress.



Rajoshi Barua posing with her father (extreme right), mother (left), and family friends


She has a sister named Arita Barua.


Rajoshi Barua posing with her sister, Arita Barua



In 2001, Piloo Vidyarthi got married to the popular Indian actor Ashish Vidyarthi, and the couple has a son named Arth Vidyarthi.


An old picture of Piloo Vidyarthi and Ashish Vidyarthi with their newborn

An old picture of Piloo Vidyarthi and Ashish Vidyarthi with their newborn


After 23 years of marriage, the couple got separated.



Rajoshi Barua with her son and ex-husband

Rajoshi Barua with her son and ex-husband



Ashish Vidyarthi then got married for the second time to Ruplai Barua in May 2023.





Piloo Vidyarthi began her career as a radio jockey and producer at “Times FM,” a renowned Indian FM station in Mumbai, and worked there from 1990 to 1996.



Rajoshi Barua as a radio jockey (extreme right) during her young days


Music Companies 

She then began working as an A&R manager at Times Music in 1999 and served in the position till 2000. Thereafter, Piloo Vidyarthi joined Saregama India Ltd. in Mumbai as its programming software zonal head and worked there till 2001.



Rajoshi Barua posing with a mic




After her marriage with Ashish Vidyarthi, she co-founded a venture named “Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates.” According to Piloo, this organization is a group whose mission is to change the lives of upcoming artists via theatre, music, and dialogue.


Rajoshi Barua during a singing show


Later, she began working as an actress in Hindi films and television serials such as ‘Suhani Si Ek Ladki’ in 2019 and ‘Imlie’ in 2020. In 2019, Piloo Vidyarthi appeared in the film ‘The Body.’ She then worked on the popular television show Gud Se Meetha Ishq in 2022.



Rajoshi Barua on the sets of an Indian television serial


Apart from being an actress, Piloo Vidyarthi is a professional theater artist. She is well-versed in dancing and singing.



Rajoshi Barua while performing on a live singing show


Interesting Facts About Piloo Vidyarthi


  • In May 2023, Piloo Vidyarthi stated in a media conversation that Ashish had not cheated on her. He was a good human being, and they got separated mutually. She added that they will remain good friends after the second marriage of her ex-husband, Ashishi Vidyarthi. She shared her picture on one of her social media accounts and captioned it,
    This was completely mutual. I have spent a very long time of my life as Shakuntala Barua’s daughter and Ashish Vidyarthi’s wife. Now the time has come that I want to walk my path alone. I want my own identity and just to be clear, it wasn’t like he has ever crushed my identity. I just realised that he is seeing a different future, I am seeing a different one.”



Rajoshi Barua (middle) with her ex-husband and mother


  • Piloo Vidyarthi was honored with the Favourite Bahu Award at the Star Parivaar Awards in 2015.
  • She is a compassionate animal lover. She often shares pictures of her pet dogs on social media.


Barua posing with her pet dog



  • Rajoshi Barua (Piloo Vidyarthi) likes to drink wine occasionally.



Rajoshi Barua with a glass of wine


  • According to Rajoshi Barua (Piloo Vidyarthi), she is trained in playing the ukulele and harmonium.


Piloo Vidyarthi while playing the ukulele



  • On May 25, 2023, Ashish Vidyarthi shared a video on social media shortly after his marriage to Rajoshi Barua (Piloo Vidyarthi). Ashish Vidyarthi disclosed how he met and fell in love with his second wife, Rupali Barua. Ashish said,
    “I literally let the word out in the universe. I was at that point 55, maybe, and I said I want somebody to get married to. That’s how I met Rupali Barua and we got chatting then we met. Then we discovered something interesting about one another and we thought that we could be walking together as husband and wife.”


Rupali Barua and Ashish Vidyarthi on their wedding day

Rupali Barua and Ashish Vidyarthi on their wedding day

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