Rupali Barua (Ashish Vidyarthi’s Wife) Wiki, Biography, Age, Hometown, Siblings, Parents, Husband, Education, Career, Interesting Facts, and More

Rupali Barua biography

Rupali Barua (Ashish Vidyarthi’s Wife) Wiki, Biography, Age, Hometown, Siblings, Parents, Husband, Education, Career, Interesting Facts, and More

Full Name
Rupali Barua
21 April 1973
Guwahati, Assam, India
Known for
Being an Indian British businesswoman & second wife of Indian actor, Ashis Vidhyarthi


Rupali Barua is an Indian British businesswoman who primarily works in the fashion industry. She came into the limelight on May 25, 2023, when she tied the knot with the veteran Indian actor Ashish Vidyarthi. 




Rupali Barua Image


Rupali Barooah was born on April 21, 1973 (age 50 as of 2023) in Guwahati, Assam. (“Rupali Barua Other Names”) She is a resident of the West Midlands, England, in the United Kingdom. Rupali Barua completed her school education at St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Guwahati. Soon after completing her school education, she joined Cotton College in Assam to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Anthropology. Later, she completed a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in anthropology at Gauhati University. 



Rupali Barua while promoting her jewellery brand on social media


Rupali’s father’s name is Ambika Barua.


Rupali Barua posing with her father



She has a sister named Meghali B L, who works at Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata.




Rupali Barua (extreme right) posing with her mother and sister


According to some media sources, Rupali Barua got married to an England based doctor, Mitam Barooh, when Rupali was very young. The couple has a daughter together. 


Rupali Barua with her daughter



Rupali, along with her daughter, shifted to India from the UK after the death of her husband. On May 25, 2023, she got married to Indian actor Ashish Vidyarthi. Vidyarthi is a well known Indian actor who is known for playing remarkable roles in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Odia, Marathi, and Bengali films. He is popular for portraying antagonist roles in movies. Ashish Vidyarthi was previously married to Rajoshi Barua (Piloo). Rajoshi is the daughter of veteran Indian actress Shakuntala Barua.



Shakuntala Barua



Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajoshi Barua have a son named Arth Vidyarthi.



Ashish Vidyarthi with his first wife, Rajoshi Barua, and son, Arth Vidyarthi




Before getting married to Ashish Vidyarthi in May 2023, Rupali was in a relationship with him.



Marriage with Indian actor Ashish Vidyarthi


Rupali Barua and Ashish Vidyarthi hit the headlines on May 25, 2023, when they got married to each other. They had a court marriage in Kolkata. Soon after their marriage, their wedding pictures went viral on various social media platforms. In an interview with a media house, Ashish Vidyarthi expressed his feelings about getting married at 57. He said,

At this stage of my life, getting married to Rupali is an extraordinary feeling. We had a court marriage in the morning, followed by a get-together in the evening.”


In the same conversation, Rupali Barua mentioned that she met Ashish Vidyarthi some time ago, and both of them wanted to take the relationship forward. Rupali added,

We met some time ago and decided to take it forward. But both of us wanted our wedding to be a small family affair.”




Barua and Ashish Vidyarthi on their wedding day



Rupali Barua’s relationship with Ashish Vidyarthi


Ashish Vidyarthi shared a video on one of his social media accounts in which he narrated his first meeting and relationship with Ruplai Barua. In the video, he said that age was a minor thing when two people want to be together. He also clarified in the video that his age was 57 at the time of marriage and not 60. He said,


I literally let the word out in the universe. I was at that point 55, maybe, and I said I want somebody to get married to. That’s how I met Rupali Barua and we got chatting then we met. Then we discovered something interesting about one another and we thought that we could be walking together as husband and wife. Therefore, Rupali and I got married. She is 50 and I’m 57, not 60. But age doesn’t matter my friend. Each one of us can be happy. Whatever be our age, right? So, just wanted to let you let’s keep moving. Let’s respect how people are living their lives.” 


Rupali Barua posing with Ashish Vidyarthi on their wedding day

Ashish Vidyarthi’s divorce with Rajoshi Barua


Rajoshi Barua (Piloo) clarified her separation from Ashish Vidyarthi soon after the marriage of Ashish and Rupali in a media conversation in May 2023. Rajoshi revealed that they parted ways mutually in 2021 and had been living happily since then. She said that they separated after twenty two years of marriage. Rajoshi Barua said,

Last October, they filed for their divorce petition and have remained friends. Ashish never cheated on me. Even if people are thinking that all he wanted was to get married again. This is completely a false narrative. We cannot hang a man because of his needs. He has found someone that’s a good thing.” 


In the same interview, Rajoshi Barua narrated that she wanted her own identity as she spent a long time being recognized as the wife of Ashish Vidyarthi and the daughter of Shakuntala Barua. Rajoshi said,

This was completely mutual. I have spent a very long time of my life as Shakuntala Barua’s daughter and Ashish Vidyarthi’s wife. Now the time has come that I want to walk my path alone. I want my own identity and just to be clear, it wasn’t like he has ever crushed my identity. I just realised that he is seeing a different future, I am seeing a different one.” 



Ashish Vidyarthi with his first wife, Rajoshi Barua

Ashish Vidyarthi’s marriage with Rajoshi Barua


According to Ashish, he got married to Rajoshi Barua in 2001. Then they had a son named Arth Vidyarthi. In one of his social media posts, Ashish narrated his peaceful separation from Rajoshi. He remembered that he met Piloo 22 years ago and got married. Their marriage period was amazing, and they had a son, Arth. Ashish added,

But, somehow, for the last two years, Piloo and I discovered that after this beautiful inning that we played together, we felt that how we saw the future was slightly different from one another. Yes, we tried our best, if we can sort out the differences, but then we discovered that the differences can be sorted out but it would be in a way that one of us will impose on the other and that would take away the happiness. Happiness is all we want, right?”




Ashish Vidyarthi and Rajoshi Barua


In January 2010, Rupali Barua founded her own venture named Reel and Weave in Birmingham, United Kingdom. This was a clothing venture that she began with her husband. After four years, the company got its registration; however, the company dissolved in November 2016. Rupali Barua then moved to India with her daughter after the demise of her husband. In India, she began living in Kolkata, where she established her own clothing handloom named NAMEG Store. Soon, Rupali Barua began promoting her clothing venture as a model on social media. Later, Rupali Barua became a partner in a café named Café Na-Ru-Meg in Kolkata.



A picture of caf‚ Na-Ru-Meg in Kolkata

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