Rupali Ganguly Facts That Will Help You Know More About Her | The Celeb Bio

Rupali Ganguly Facts

Rupali Ganguly Facts That Will Help You Know More About Her | The Celeb Bio

Full Name
Rupali Ganguly
April 5, 1977 (age 46)
Place of Birth
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Ashwin K Verma

Rupali Ganguly is a highly talented and versatile Indian actress who has made a significant mark in the world of television and film. Born on April 5, 1977, in Kolkata, West Bengal, Rupali comes from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. She is the daughter of renowned director Anil Ganguly and actress Aruna Ganguly.


Rupali Ganguly biography



Rupali Ganguly Facts that everyone must know (especially her fans)

1. Child Artist 

Rupali Ganguly was seven years old when she made her acting debut as a child artist in the Bollywood film ‘Saheb’ in 1985. This film was directed by her father. She worked along with the popular Indian actors Anil Kapoor, Amrita Singh, Raakhee, Deven Verma, and Utpal Dutt. 



A childhood picture of Rupali Ganguly

A childhood picture of Rupali Ganguly


2. Hindi Films

Later, she appeared in many Bollywood movies such as Mera Yaar Mera Dushman in 1987, Do Ankhen Barah Hath in 1997, Angaara in 1996, and Satrangee Parachute in 2011. 


Rupali Ganguly in a still from the film Satrangee Parachute



3. Career Breakthrough

In 2002, Rupali Ganguly portrayed medical intern Dr Simran Chopra in the Star Plus medical drama series Sanjivani.


Rupali Ganguly in a still from the television serial Sanjivani



4. Television shows

In 2000, she marked her acting debut with the television show Sukanya. In 2004, she earned popularity with the show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai in which she appeared as Monisha Sarabhai. She is known for playing the role of Mona Mittal in Kkavyanjali in 2005. Later, she appeared in various television shows such as Baa Bahoo Aur Baby in 2005) and Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi in 2011. 


Rupali Ganguly with Nitesh Pandey

Rupali Ganguly with Nitesh Pandey



5. Bengali Films

Apart from Hindi films, she has also worked in Bengali films such as ‘Balidan’ in 1990. Balidan was directed by her father.


6. Reality Shows

In 2006, she was one of the participants in the Indian reality show Bigg Boss. She earned sixth place at the end of the show. She was evicted in the tenth week of Bigg Boss Season 1. In 2009, she was one of the participants in the Indian stunt-based reality show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 2, which was aired on Colors TV. She once participated in the Indian cooking reality show Kitchen Champion 2.


Rupali Ganguly in a still from the reality show Bigg Boss Season 1



A few more facts!


7. Theatre Artist

Apart from being a television and film actress, Rupali Ganguly is also a trained theater performer.


8. Voice Over Artist

In 2008, she lent her voice to the animated Bollywood film ‘Dashavatar.’


9. Family Background

She was born in Kolkata, India, on April 5, 1977. Rupali Ganguly is the daughter of well-known Indian director and screenwriter Anil Ganguly. She has a brother named Vijay Ganguly, who works as an actor and film producer in Bollywood.



Rupali Ganguly with her son, brother, and mother


10. Education

Rupali holds a bachelor’s degree in hotel management.


11. Nicknames

She is known by the nicknames Roopa and Rups among her family and fans.


12. Food Practice

She follows a vegan diet. In one of her social media posts, Rupali Ganguly mentioned that she follows a vegan diet; however, her husband is a non-vegetarian.


13. Entrepreneur

Rupali Ganguly, along with her father, Anil Ganguly, founded an advertising agency in Mumbai in 2000. 


More facts to know about her!! 


14. Body Shame Issues

According to Rupali Ganguly, she faced body image issues and received a lot of criticism for her appearance after she gained a lot of weight post-delivery. She stated in a media interview that she had been reluctant to step out of the house for years. She said,


My body changed and I couldn’t look at myself. I would not step out of the house afraid of what people would say. If I couldn’t look at myself, why would people want to look at me?” 

Consequently, she stopped working as an actress out of concern for how people would react. In 2022, after seven years, Rupali Ganguly made a comeback with the Indian television series “Anupamaa,” which aired on Star Plus. In another media interview, Rupali admitted that she averted all the criticism and was proud of her physique. She said,


I have gone through body shaming, age shaming even after Anupamaa. Arre your wrinkles are visible, arre that fat lady, yes I have wrinkles and I am proud of them. I’ve earned every wrinkle of mine. I am proud of what I am today. After three years of Anupamaa, I can say I accept the way I am.”



A picture of Rupali Ganguly post delivery




15. Life amid the COVID-19

According to Rupali Ganguly, she had to stay away from her only son during the coronavirus lockdown in India as she was busy with her work and shooting. The fear of the infection kept her away from her son. She narrated in a media conversation that during the coronavirus lockdown, she had to return to her home every night, but she was too afraid to approach her husband and son. She said that after returning home, she used to take an immediate shower, go to her room alone, and cut off communication with her family. Ru said that her heart broke at that time as her small son was deprived of his mother. 


Rupali Ganguly celebrating a distant birthday with her family when she tested COVID-19 positive 



16. She was not the first choice for the TV show ‘Anupamaa’

According to some media sources, Rupali Ganguly was not the first choice of the makers of the show. In 2022, the lead role in the show was first offered to veteran Indian actresses Sakshi Tanwar, Juhi Parmar, Gauri Pradhan, and Mona Singh. During this time, Rupali was working on the television show ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi’ in which she was paired with Vishal Singh.


Rupali Ganguly in a still from the television serial Anupamaa



17. Popularity with the popular TV show ‘Anupamaa’

In 2022 and 2023, reportedly, the television serial Anupamaa became the top-rated serial on Indian television. Once, in a media conversation, she revealed that during her young days, her only aim in life was to get married and have a baby. She said,

Mera ambition tha shaadi karna aur bacha paida karna.”



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18. Marriage

On February 6, 2013, she got married to Ashwin K. Verma. The couple has a son named Rudransh Verma. According to Rupali Ganguly, before conceiving, she suffered many pregnancy-related complications. Once, in a media conversation, she narrated that the birth of her only son, Rudransh, was a miracle for her. In 2015, she gave birth to a boy.


Rupali Ganguly with her husband and son



19. Childhood Memories

According to Rupali Ganguly, her father is a well-known Indian film director who is popular for directing many award-winning films in the Hindi and Bengali film industries, such as Kora Kagaz and Tapasya. Her father never advised her to be a part of the film industry. She claimed in a media discussion that her father once asked her why she wanted to be a part of the film industry. Her father asked,
“Why do you want to get into the film industry? Dimag diya hai bhagwan (God has given you brain).”




A childhood picture of Rupali Ganguly with her father



20. Web Series

In 2022, the prequel web series of the television show Anupamaa named Anupama: Namaste America, was telecasted on Disney+ Hotstar, which earned her immense popularity worldwide.


Rupali Ganguly on the poster of the web series Namaste America



21. Awards

Rupali Ganguly is the recipient of several national awards. In March 2023, she was honoured with the Compassionate Changemaker of the Year award by OTT Play.


Rupali Ganguly poses with her trophy, Compassionate Changemaker of the Year



In 2022, she was awarded the Digital Creator Award.


Rupali Ganguly posing with her Digital Creator Award



Some moreeeeeeee….


22. Car Collection

Rupali owns a Mercedes Benz. 



Rupali Ganguly poses with her family and Mercedes Benz


23. Advertisements

Rupali often endorses commercial products on her various social media platforms.



24. Animal Lover

Rupali Ganguly is a compassionate animal lover. She has two pet dogs, and the name of one of them is Radha Ganguly. She often shares pictures of her pets on her various social media platforms.



Rupali Ganguli posing with her pet dog



25. Stuck in Road Rage News

In 2018, Rupali Ganguly stated in a media interview that she was attacked by two unknown men at traffic lights in Mumbai. She stated that the men abused her in front of her son and broke her car window at Bharat Nagar Signal, near Banana Leaf in Versova. She said that the incident happened when she was going to drop her son off at school. Rupali said,


My son tried to take my mobile by lunging forward and just while taking care of him, my foot from the brake went back a little and the car moved forward, but mind you not more than an inch. Consequently, my car happened to touch a bike.”

She added in the same conversation that the men hit the car windows so hard that they began bleeding on the spot. She narrated,

It was nauseating. My child was hearing them. I told him ‘Kuch nahin hua hai, why are you overreacting?’I even apologized, but he was in no mood to listen. I told him ‘Itna gussa kis baat ka hai?’ In turn, he started going off towards the backside of my car. It was clear he wanted to smash the rear windscreen. Frankly, I don’t know what he wanted to do.”


Later, the police caught the two culprits with the help of CCTV footage. She lodged a complaint at the nearby police station, where the men asked Rupali for forgiveness. (Rupali Ganguly hit by unknown men in Mumbai #)



Aaaand, the last one!!! 


26. Rupali Ganguly and Nitesh Pandey

In May 2023, soon after the sudden death of Indian television actor Nitesh Pandey in Mumbai, Rupali Ganguly mourned his death and shared her views on her friendship with Nitesh in a media conversation. She revealed that Nitesh was her close friend and colleague. She said,

He was the only industry friend who stayed constantly in touch with me apart from Delnaaz and Sarabhais, during my sabbatical. He had even come to meet me after Rudransh was born. I can’t believe this! His son Aarav is just a few months older than Rudransh.” 



Rupali Ganguly with Nitesh Pandey

Rupali Ganguly with Nitesh Pandey

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