Bigg Boss OTT aka Over-The-Top (2021) | Teaser, House Tour, Contestants!

Bigg Boss OTT (2021) - The Complete Details

Bigg Boss OTT aka Over-The-Top (2021) | Teaser, House Tour, Contestants!

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Karan Johar 
Number of Days
Original Network
Original Release
8 August 2021

Bigg Boss OTT – The Insights 

Also known as Bigg Boss: Over-The-Top, it is the first season of the reality TV series, Bigg Boss. It will be aired on a streaming platform called Voot from 8 August 2021 and on premium streaming service ‘Voot Select’ with Karan Johar as a host. 

Bigg Boss OTT will stream for six weeks followed by the TV version, Bigg Boss 15, which is then reported to be merged into. 

Bigg Boss Ott - complete details


The first promo was released on 10 July 2021. Voot released the second promo with actor Salman Khan revealing all the inside details, duration, release date, and him not hosting the OTT season, but Karan Johar on 21 July 2021. On 24 July 2021, Voot released a poster with Karan Johar as the host of this Bigg Boss OTT season. Voot unveiled the third promo on 3 August 2021, with Karan Johar talking about the season’s format being crazily bolder and crazier than the television version of the show. 

Spicy Details for Bigg Boss Fans!

Besides the usual episode that lasts around an hour, viewers will even have the access to the direct 24×7 camera footage, which has added spice and fun to this season of Bigg Boss. The show will be streamed on Viacom’s streaming channel, Voot from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm and on Sundays at 8 pm. 

Bigg Boss 15 Rules, Punishments and tasks

The HOUSE – Stay Connected 

The Bigg Boss house of 2021 is based on the theme – Stay Connected. You will see the house having a patio, kitchen, living room, garden area, bedroom, dining table, swimming pool, and bedroom. 



Keeping the theme ‘Stay Connected’ in mind, they have even added a special room called ‘STAY CONNECTED ROOM.’ Bigg Boss house this year contains bunk beds and the house is designed with a carnival-type theme. 

Housemates – Who All are Getting in Bigg Boss OTT

The following contestants are confirmed officially by Colors TV and Voot. 

1. Neha Bhasin 

neha bhasin Bigg Boss ott

2. Zeeshan Khan 

Zeeshan Khan Bigg Boss OTT

3. Karan Nath 

Karan Nath -biggg boss ott

4. Akshara Singh 

Akshara Singh -biggg boss ott

5. Ridhima Pandit 

Ridhima-Pandit -biggg boss ott

6. Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed -biggg boss ott

7. Raqesh Bapat 

Raqesh Bapat-biggg boss ott

8. Divya Agarwal 

Divya Agarwal -biggg boss ott

9. Milind Gaba 

Milind Gaba -biggg boss ott

10. Nishant Bhat 

Nishant Bhat-biggg boss ott

11. Pratik Sehajpal 

Pratik-Sehajpal-biggg boss ott

12. Muskaan Jattana 

Muskaan Jattana-biggg boss ott


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