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Interesting Facts About Mika Singh: Exploring It All About The Singer Today!

Mika Singh Facts

Interesting Facts About Mika Singh: Exploring It All About The Singer Today!

Full Name
Mika Singh
Real Name
Amrik Singh
10 June 1977 (45 years)
Durgapur, West Bengal, India
Known for
Being a singer, rapper, and performer

Mika Singh aka Amrik Singh is an Indian singer, rapper, and performer. He was born on 10 June 1977 in Durgapur, West Bengal. Mika Singh is the youngest of 6 brothers and his father’s name is Ajmer Singh, a trained classical musician, who used to sing kirtans in Patna Sahib Gurdwara since his childhood. His mother’s name is Balbir Kaur, and she is a State level wrestler.



Mika Singh Facts - Chldhood picture





Mika Singh Facts- Young



Mika Singh has sung some famous songs in Bollywood, such as “Bas Ek King” (Singh Is Kinng), “Mauja Hi Mauja” (Jab We Met), “Ibn-e-Batuta” (Ishqiya), and “Dhanno” (Housefull). However, he got into the limelight with his song, Sawan Main Lag Gayi Aag.



Mika Singh Facts - The Celeb Bio


Now the singer is all set to settle down and find a perfect bride for himself, for which he has organized a grand swayamvar. His swayamvar will be seen in the TV reality show, Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti, where 12 girls will be participating to be the bride of Mika Singh. Mika will be seen assisted by his friend, comedian Kapil Sharma along with Daler Mehndi.

Now, let’s know Mika Singh a li’l better as we share some interesting facts about him right here.

Some Interesting Facts about Mika Singh

Mika’s father was a Gurbani singer, who sold their property in Punjab to more to Patna after Mika’s birth.



He has 6 brothers, and they were raised in Patna, Bihar, and Patiala (Punjab).


Mika Singh Facts -Mika with one of his brother




Mika Singh Facts - Mika with his brothers





Mika Singh Facts - Mika with his brother, Joginder Mehndi

Singh Mika with his brother, Joginder Mehndi



Mika was always inclined towards music and he loves playing table, which he started at the age of 8, followed by learning harmonium at the age of 12, and then two years later, he also learned how to play guitar.



Mika Singh Facts - Mika playing guitar




He commenced his singing career by singing religious songs, called Kirtans.



Mika has an NGO running with the name, Divine Touch. Since his mother always wanted him to help others, so he started this NGO.


Mika Singh NGO Foundation, Divine Touch Foundation

Mika Singh NGO Foundation, Divine Touch Foundation


Did you know the super hit song ‘Mai Dardi Rab Rab Kardi’ was actually composed by Mika Singh for his brother, Daler Mehndi?



Mika luanched his own album, Saawan Mein Lag Gayee Aag on 13 May 1998. The motivation behind launching his own album was getting rejected by numerous recording studios because of his unconventional voice. And, guess what, his own debut album was such a huge hit that he became a star overnight.




He has also sung songs in different languages, such as Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, and Bengali apart from Hindi.




Mika Singh is a dear friend of singer and rapper, Honey Singh.



Mika Singh Facts - Mika with his friend Honey Singh



He is a foodie and loves food very much.



Mika Singh Facts- He loves food

Some More Facts!

He is an animal lover and has various pets, including 18 pet dogs, 2 horses, and 2 camels.


Mika Singh Facts - Mika with his pet dog



Mika Singh Facts - Mika with his pet dog




Mika Singh Facts - Mika Singh with his horse

In June 2022, Mika Singh is seen in the reality show, Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti to search his life partner. Mika tweeted saying:

Mika ko hai apne jeewansaathi ki talaash. Kis khushnaseeb par aayega Mika ka dil (Mika is in search of a life partner. Who will be able to win Mika’s heart)?”

The promo started with Mika sitting on a couch where he was seen grooving along to his song Dhinka Chika. He was also seen talking to his pet dog about his life partner’s needs.

London ho, Paris ho, ya Jhumri Telaiya…Tujhe pata hai, kitni shaadiyan aur partiyan hoti hain. aur mere hi gaano pe lakho rishte aur kadoron dil judte hain. Lekin maine kabhi socha hi nahi ki mere dil ke connection ka kya. (Be it London, Paris, or Jhumri Telaiya. So many weddings and parties take place, and lakhs and crores of relations are made over my songs. But I never thought what would happen to my heart).”11


Mika Singh is fond of luxurious cars and owns a few as well.



Mika Singh Facts - Mika with with his luxurious cars




Mika Singh Facts - Mika with his car




Mika Singh Facts - Mika with his Range Rover

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