Shannon K Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Hometown, Siblings, Parents, Education, Career, Interesting facts, and More

Shannon K Biography

Shannon K Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Hometown, Siblings, Parents, Education, Career, Interesting facts, and More

Full Name
Shannon Kumar Sanu
Mumbai, India
Vocals, piano
Pop, soul, R&B
Known for
Being the daughter of famous Indian singer Kumar Sanu

Shannon K is an American Indian musician and actress. In 2018, she came into the limelight when she launched her song “A Long Time.” In 2020, she hit the headlines when she made her acting debut in the film The Big Feed with Manolo Vergara. She is best known for being the adopted daughter of popular Indian singer Kumar Sanu.



Shannon was born on June 16, 2001 (age 18 as of 2023) in Mumbai, India. She is 5’ 3” tall. Her family moved to the UK from India when she was twelve years old. She completed her education at the Royal School of Music and Northwood College in London.



A childhood picture of Shannon with her parents and grandparents


Shannon is the foster daughter of veteran Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu. Her mother’s name is Saloni Sanu, who is an entrepreneur. Jaan Kumar Sanu, a well-known Indian singer, is her half-brother.



Jaan Kumar Sanu, half brother of Shannon 


Annabel Sanu, a renowned Indian lyricist and author, is her foster sister.


Shannon (extreme right) posing with her parents and sister



According to Shannon K, she started performing on stage with her father when she was four years old. She published her debut song, “Roll Back the Years,” when she was twelve years old. In 2018, Shannon made her singing debut with the song “A Long Time” with American songwriter Jason Poo Bea Boyd. Later, she worked with music producer Kyle Townsend on the song “Give Me Your Hand.” Reportedly, she composed this song in support of victims of bullying. The prominent Billboard magazine premiered the song soon after its release. This song earned the HMMA Award for Best Original Song. In November 2018, Shannon, along with singer Sonu Nigam, released the song “OMT.” Later, she worked as a co-writer for the song “Its Magical” with the Indian musician Sameer. She works under the banners of Warner Music, Talinc Records, Zee Music Company, and Tips.



Shannon K during a live singing show



According to some media sources, Shannon K began her acting career with Manolo Vergara’s film The Big Feed in 2020. In this film, she had a small role. In 2021, Shannon K worked as an executive director for the Hindi movie Social Mandiya. She appeared in the Hindi film Chal Zindagi and Rolling (a short film) in 2023. 


Shannon K on the poster of the film Chal Zindagi




Later, Shannon K appeared in the television series The Mystical Inheritance of Adina Hassan.



Apart from being a singer, Shannon K also works as a theatre artist, and once she acted at the well-known Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in the US.

Interesting Facts About Shannon K 

  • Shannon K also goes by the names Sana Kumar and Sanu Bhattacharya. 
  • Pop, soul, and R&B are her genres of singing. She uses vocals and piano in her songs.
  • In 2017, Kumar Sanu revealed in a singing reality show ‘Dil Hai Hindustani’ that he had an adopted girl child. In 2018, Kumar Sanu officially stated in a media conversation that Shannon K was his adopted child. He added in the same discussion that he was very proud of his daughter. He said,
    “I never wanted to disclose this as I was scared of what the society would think. I wasn’t sure how they were going to see this. But since now this is out, I’m really proud of Shannon. It doesn’t matter if she is my real daughter or not.”


K Shannon with her father, Kumar Sanu


  • Shannon K often supports the anti-bullying charity organization Love is Louder. She composed the song “Give Me Your Hand” along with her sister Annabel to support the organization. 


Shannon K while promoting Love Is Louder


  • Once, in a media conversation, Shannon K narrated that while growing up in UK, she suffered from bullying and racism. According to her, she shifted to the UK with her mother at a very young age and earned her music training in the same country. In a conversation with a media house, she shared her childhood memories. She said,

I face a lot of mental stress in real life, I have been bullied a lot in my childhood. We often face racism in the western countries. I remember I was made to feel like a lesser being when I went for auditions because I was different from most of the people around. I was too young to handle it all well. I would come back home crying, and my confidence was often shattered due to these incidences. I had to prove myself, not just as an artist, but also as a human being.” 


  • In 2021, Shannon K was honored with the WOW Outstanding Female Singer Par Excellence Award. 


  • She often walks the ramps for renowned fashion designers.


Shannon K while walking ramp



  • In 2023, Shannon K made headlines when she was invited by the Cannes Film Festival for the screening of the film “Indiana Jones & The Dial Of Destiny,” which was directed by Harrison Ford. She was the only one who was invited alongside Aishwarya Rai for the screening of the movie. In a media interview, she stated that she was very nervous and was feeling incredible. She said,

It feels incredible but honestly I was super nervous to walk the Cannes red carpet! So happy to be invited for the legendary Harrison Ford’s movie Premiere.”


K Shannon at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023


  • She runs a beauty organization named Beauty By Shannon K. She often endorses her beauty products on her various social media accounts.


Shannon K while endorsing her own beauty products


  • In her leisure time, Shannon K likes swimming, reading books, traveling across the world, and exploring new beauty products for her own venture. 
  • Indian singers Alka Yagnik, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, and Sonu Nigam are her favorites. According to her, she grew up learning from her favorite singers. Shannon K mentioned in a media talk that these singers inspired her. She said,

I feel everybody is very talented. They are incredible with their own skills. Each of their voices really inspire me to keep learning.”


A childhood image of Shannon with singer Alka Yagnik



  • Shannon is a compassionate animal lover. She often voluntarily works for non-profit organizations that support animal welfare. She has a pet dog. She frequently shares pictures of her pet on social media.


Shannon with her pet dog


  • Various renowned magazines often feature Shannon K on their covers.



K Shannon on the cover of a magazine

  • Once, in a talk with a media company, Shannon K revealed that she often faced hateful comments about her adoption. She said that she was told that singing was not in her genes. She narrated,


I saw a couple of comments which said about my adoption. And the fact that singing is not in my genes. So, I can possibly not take my Dad’s legacy ahead as I am adopted. Also, I don’t have that talent. I am fake and just trying to use my Dad’s name to be where I am.” 


Shannon while performing with her father on stage

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