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Sangay Tsheltrim – Wiki, Bio, Height, Movie, Weight, Wife, Family, BodyInteresting Facts, Career, Awards, Biography, and More


Sangay Tsheltrim – Wiki, Bio, Height, Movie, Weight, Wife, Family, BodyInteresting Facts, Career, Awards, Biography, and More

Full Name
Sangay Tsheltrim
Thimpu, Bhutan
Currently Living In
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Actor and Retired Army Captain
Known For
Winning title of Mr. Bhutan and Mr. Asia


Sangay Tsheltrim is a social media star, an actor, and a retired army captain, who got popular through his lip-syncing videos created on TikTok. Sangay Tsheltrim was born and brought up in Bhutan.

Sangay Tsheltrim went to CHS in 1998, after which he went to Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School in 2001. He completed his bachelors from ‘Bachelor of Arts at National Defence Academy’ from JNU New Delhi. Currently, he is the owner and founder of Thimphu Muscle factory Champions’s Gym.


Sangay Tsheltrim

Physical Statistics

Height – 5’10” (in feet inches)

Eye Color – Black

Hair Color – Black

Family/ Relationship

Sangay Tsheltrim is married to Khendum Dorji, and he has one daughter, Tsomo Dorji. Sangay has one sibling (sister), Tshoki Choden. He is close to his aunt, Tshe Pem.


Sangay Tsheltrim with his Grandparents



Sangay Tsheltrim with his Mother



Sangay Tsheltrim with his Wife



Sangay Tsheltrim with his sister



Sangay Tsheltrim with His Daughter



Sangay Tsheltrim with his daughter, Tsomo Dorji


Sangay Tsheltrim worked as a Former Coy Commander at Bodyguards from July 2008 to October 2013 in Thimpu, Bhutan, where he retired as a captain. In 2014, Sangay worked as a brand ambassador at Narlabs Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, which he started on 22 January 2014. After that Sangay Tsheltrim worked as a builder at White House Apartments in Thimpu, Bhutan, which he began on 7 July 2017 and is continuing. Sangay Tsheltrim is also an actor, and he made his first debut in 2018. Sangay Tsheltrim is also the owner and founder at Thimpu Muscle Factory Champion’s Gymin Thimpu, Bhutan.


Sangay Tsheltrim with his medals and awards

As an actor, Sangay Tsheltrim’s first debut film was Singye(2018), which is the first Indo-Bhutan feature film that had major film contributions from Assam. This movie bagged many awards at the 18th National Film Awards in Thimpu, Bhutan. Recently, he played a role, Lota, in Salman Khan starring Radhe (2021).


Sangay Tsheltrim

Interesting Facts About Sangay Tsheltrim

1. Sangay Tsheltrim is a former retired army captain and now also trying his hands in acting.

2. He recently played a role in Salman Khan starring movie, ‘Radhe.’


Sangay Tsheltrim with Salman Khan in Radhe

3. Sangay Tsheltrim says his source of inspiration is The Druk Gyalpo (འབྲུག་རྒྱལ་པོ; lit. Dragon King), who is the head of state of the Kingdom of Bhutan.


Sangay Tsheltrim with his idol and inspiration, The Druk Gyalpo

4. He is addicted to lifting, fitness, and working out. He loves gymming and keeping himself fit.


Sangay Tsheltrim Working Out

5. Sangay Tsheltrim has a love for swimming.


Sangay Tsheltrim Swimming

6. He has inked multiple tattoos on his body, and the most prominent one is on his left arm and the biggest one.


Sangay Tsheltrim has multiple tattoos on his body

7. Sangay Tsheltrim has a tattoo of his wife’s face on his left side of the chest.


Sangay Tsheltrim has tattooed his wife’s face on his chest

8. Sangay has won the title of Mr. Bhutan and Mr. Asia.


Sangay Tsheltrim has won the titles of Mr. Bhutan and Mr. Asia

9. Sangay Tsheltrim loves luxurious bikes and cars.


Sangay Tsheltrim loves luxurious bikes and cars



Sangay Tsheltrim loves Bikes

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