24 Interesting Facts About Kazan Khan That We Must Know!

Facts about Kazan Khan!

24 Interesting Facts About Kazan Khan That We Must Know!

Full Name
Kazan Khan
46 (approx.)
Date of Death
12th June 2023
Senthamizh Paattu, Gandharvam, CID Moosa, Lailaa O Lailaa

A Few Details About Kazan Khan

  • Name: Kazan Khan
  • Profession: Actor
  • Kazan Khan age: 46 (approx.)
  • Kazan Khan’s date of birth: Not known
  • Kazan Khan’s death: 12th June 2023.
  • Kazan Khan relationship: Not Known
  • Kazan Khan movies: Senthamizh Paattu, Gandharvam, CID Moosa, Lailaa O Lailaa and more. 
  • Kazan Khan actor best known for playing villain roles in Tamil and Malayalam movies.


Who was Kazan Khan?

Kazan Khan was a famous South Indian actor who worked in many Tamil and Malayalam movies. He was famous for playing the role of a villain in various films. This Tamil star has a huge fan base beyond South India and has entertained people with his acting skills for decades. The actor passed away on June 12, 2023. 

Here, we will learn 24 exciting and lesser-known facts about actor Kazan Khan. 

24 Interesting Facts about Late Actor Kazan Khan

Actor Kazan Khan was born in South India and was Muslim by religion. 


Actor Kazan khan


Kasan Khan, or Kazan Khan, was popularly known as Kazan or Kazaan in the South film industry.


Kazan khan biography


He was a famous Indian actor who mainly worked in Malayalam and Tamil movies.



Kazan khan movies


Kazan Khan mostly plays the role of a villain in his movies.

Kazan Khan




He was a born actor with natural talent. He was equally famous for playing comic roles like his iconic villainous characters in the movies. 



Kazan Khan had a bright acting career that spanned over 20 years. Furthermore, he acted in multiple films; Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam in his long-acting career. He worked in over 50 films in his 20 years of acting career. 



kazan khan wikipedia

Moreover, Kazan Khan debuted in the Tamil film industry in 1992 with the movie, Senthamizh Paattu.


Kazan Khan Movie



The South Indian actor debuted in the Malayalam industry in 1993 with the movie Gandharvam. 


Kazan Khan debut


Kazan Khan has also played the iconic role of Anwar in the movie Kalaignan (1993). It was a Tamil thriller movie starring Kamal Haasan. 


Kazan Tamil thriller


Furthermore, Kazan Khan signed for roles in multiple Tamil movies in 1995 – Murai Maman, Gandhi Pirantha Mann, Kattumarakaran, Karuppa Nila and more. 



Kazan Khan Movies


Kazan Khan had an attractive physical appearance that charmed many of his fans. 


A few more facts down below: 


The actor had a tall, dark, and handsome physique. His height was 178 cm (5’10”), and his weight was 154 lbs (70kg). 


Kazan Physical Statistics



Kazan Khan also worked in the Kannada drama ‘Habba’ in 1999. He played a supporting role as ‘Seetha’s’ brother. 


Kazan Supporting Role


Furthermore, Kazan Khan played a supporting role as ‘Ajay’ in the movie ‘The Gang’ (2000). It was a Malayalam crime thriller, and Kazan was praised for his acting skills in this movie. 

Movie Kazan Khan

In the same year as ‘The Gang’ (2000), he also signed for another Kannada film, ‘Nagadevathe’. In ‘Nagadevathe’, he played the role of Kama Naga. 



Actor Kazan khan Movie


The list hasn’t ended yet!


He played multiple iconic and notable villainous roles in several Tamil movies. Sethupathi IPS (1994), Mettukudi (1996), Vallarasu (2000), Priyamaanavale (2000), and Badri (2001), to name a few. 



Actor Kazan Khan Biography

In 2003, the actor Kazan Khan appeared in the Malayalam movie CID Moosa. In the CID Moosa cast, he played the negative role of a terrorist. 



CID Moosa: Kazan Khan Movie



Kazan Khan acted in multiple Malayalam films, such as Varnapakittu (1997), The Don (2006), Rajadhi Raja (2004), and Sevens (2007).



Kazan Khan

Furthermore, Kazan Khan was a private person by nature and did not have many social media handles. He had a Twitter account that he opened in  2017. However, he was not very active on this platform due to his private nature. 


Kazan Khan Socila Media



Kazan Khan’s date of birth is unknown, but Kazan Khan’s age is assumed to be 46 years old as of 2023. His eyes and hair colour were black. 



Kazan Khan DOB

Moreover, Khan’s net worth was 50 crore INR as of 2023.

Kazan' Net Worth

The marital status and parents’ information are unknown. 

Actor Kazan Information

Kazan Khan died on 12th June, due to a heart attack at the age of 46. His Instagram followers have taken the internet by storm as they mourn the sudden demise of the veteran actor.


Kazan Khan Death


The actor was a cricket fan and enjoyed watching cricket matches.


Kazan Khan loves playing cricket


Sudden Death of Kazan Khan

Kazan Khan, known as Kazan, was a bright star in the South Indian film industry. Kazan has worked in various Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada movies. Some of his best-known movies are Senthamizh Paattu, Gandharvam, Mettukudi, Varnapakittu, Nagadevathe, CID Moosa, and Lailaa O Lailaa. He started his acting career in 1992 with the Tamil movie Senthamizh Paattu, and his last film was Lailaa O Lailaa in 2015. 


The actor passed away on June 12, 2023, due to a sudden cardiac arrest, leaving all his fans stunned by his sudden demise. N.M. Badusha, one of the famous South Indian film producers, shared the news of veteran actor Kazan Khan’s sudden death. He also shared his deep remorse for the unfortunate demise of Kazan. 


So, these were Facts About Kazan Khan that we thought you must know!! Click here to read more celebrity facts.



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