Adil Khan Durrani- Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Hometown, Girlfriend, Instagram, Net Worth, and More

Adil Khan Durrani BIography Wikipedia

Adil Khan Durrani- Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Hometown, Girlfriend, Instagram, Net Worth, and More

Full Name
Adil Khan Durrani
15 December
Mysore, Karnataka, India
Known For
Being the boyfriend of an Indian dancer, model, and actress Rakhi Sawant


Adil Khan Durrani is an Indian businessman, who got famous because of being in a relationship with an Indian dancer, model, and actress, Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi shared a video on her Instagram that let her friends know that she is dating Adil Durrani. Adil Khan Durrani was born on 15 December. He went to Marimallappa’s PU College And High School. After that, Adil Durrani went to Vidhyaashram First Grade College, Mysore for pursuing his BBM Bachelor of Business Management) in 2017. Adil Khan Durrani is the owner of numerous businesses in Mysore, Karnataka, India. Adil’s one of the business is an ice cream parlor, Dezert Lab in Mysore, Karnataka. Adil’s zodiac sign is Sagitarrius. 

Adil Khan Durrani - Biography

Physical Statistics

Height- 5’6″ (in feet inches) approximately

Hair Color- Black

Eye Color- Black


Adil Khan Durrani was born into a Muslim family in Mysore, Karnataka, India. His mother’s name is Mumtaz Durrani. Adil has an elder sister, Shelly Lather, who is an entrepreneur. 

Adil Khan Durrani with his mother

Adil Khan Durrani and his mother

Adil Khan's Mother Mama and Chotti Ammi

Adil Khan Durrani and his sister, Shelly gifted Rakhi a luxurious car

Relationships/Marital Status

Adil Khan Durrani is unmarried and in a relationship with an Indian actor, model, and dancer, Rakhi Sawant. 

In February (a day ahead of Valentine’s Day), Rakhi Sawant announced her separation from Ritesh stating that she was unaware of certain things, which were beyond her control. She said that she was really sad and heartbroken. Rakhi Sawant had introduced Ritesh as her husband on Bigg Boss 15. 

Rakhi Sawant Divorce with Ritesh announcement on Instagram


In an interview. Rakhi said crying,

He left me! I loved him so much and he left me. After Bigg Boss a few weeks ago, we started living together in my house in Mumbai, but yesterday he packed his bags and left. He said that he is in legal trouble because he didn’t divorce her first wife and now he doesn’t want to live with me anymore. He said that he lost a of money also in his business as he had to go through a lot of scrutiny after he entered the Bigg Boss house with me. After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, when I got to know that he has a wife and a kid, my heart broke. I cannot be unfair to a woman and a child. I am coming to terms with the fact that he has left me and everything has ended.”

Recalling how they met, Rakhi said,

We connected via WhatsApp and we chatted for almost 6 months. Then he also sent his locations, bank account details and other things and I believed him. He proposed marriage and since I too wanted someone in my life, I married him three years ago. Then when I made it public that I was married, they didn’t want to believe me. So I convinced Ritesh to come to the Bigg Boss house with me. I love him very much and I will forgive him for everything. If he gets divorced and wants to come back to me, then he should know that I am waiting for him. But if he is happy with his wife and kids then God bless them. But for me, marriage and love is not a joke.”

Source: Hindustan Times


Adil Khaan Durrani has worked with StreetCars Premium, which buys and sells used cars in Mysore, Karnataka, India. In 2018, Adil started his own business of cars called A.D. Think.Feel.Drive in Mysore. Adil started his ice cream parlor on 21 January 2018.


Interesting Facts About Adil Khan Durrani

1. Adil Khan Durrani is an avid cat lover and he shares pictures with cats on his social media account.

2. He is fond of cars and owns some luxurious cars as well. Adil owns a white Mercedez-Benz M-Class ML 350 CDI car.

Adil Khan Durrani with his audi car

3. Adil Durrani is a fitness freak and he spends his time gymming.

Adil Khan Durrani in a gym


4. He is fond of painting and horse riding.


5. Adil smokes Hukkah and he shares it on his social media as well.

Adil Khan Durrani Smoking Hukkah


6. He loves playing cricket.

7. Adil Khan Durrani loves spending time in nature.

Adil Khan Loves to Spend time in nature


8. Adil Khan also loves riding bikes.

Adil Khan Durrani riding his bike


9. He is an avid traveler and loves to explore new places.


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