Ambareesh Murthy Wiki, Biography, Age, Death, Hometown, Siblings, Parents, Career, and Interesting Facts

Ambareesh Murthy Biography

Ambareesh Murthy Wiki, Biography, Age, Death, Hometown, Siblings, Parents, Career, and Interesting Facts

Full Name
Ambareesh Vedantam Murty
Year, 1971
Known for
Marital Status

Biography of Ambareesh Murthy



Ambareesh Vedantam Murty was a prominent Indian businessman. He was best known for starting the company called Pepperfry which sold furniture and things for homes on the internet. He started this company with another person named Ashish Shah in 2012. Before starting Pepperfry, Murty served at eBay, where he managed things for different countries like India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. He was known for working with Pepperfry, eBay, Cadbury, Internet, and the Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). Ambareesh Vedantam Murty passed away on 7 August 2023.


Ambareesh Murthy

Physical Statistics


Hair Colour: Salt and Pepper


Eye Colour: Black

Ambareesh Murthy



He was born in 1971. He was 51 years at the time of death. Ambareesh Vedantam Murty’s LinkedIn account states that Murthy went to Delhi College of Engineering from 1990 to 1994 and got a B.E. degree. Then, he went to the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta from 1994 to 1996 and got an MBA degree. He started doing business things when he was in college. He used to teach Physics and Math to students who were in Class XI and XII.


Parents & Siblings


His father’s name is Vedantam Sriram Murty.

A picture of Ambareesh Murthy's parents

A picture of Ambareesh Murthy’s parents

Ambareesh Murthy's mother

Ambareesh Murthy’s mother


He has a sister named Shambhavi.



Ambareesh Murthy with his sister

Ambareesh Murthy with his sister

Wife & Children


Ambareesh Murty got married in 2004. The couple has a son.



Ambareesh Murthy's son

Ambareesh Murthy’s son




He started a small business named Tutors’ Bureau after he completed his education. This business helped good tutors connect with students from schools. He did this for two years in the early 1990s.



Corporate Jobs



Murty started working in companies in 1996. He began at Cadbury India as a trainee. For five years, he worked in the marketing part of the company and became a brand manager. He worked in different places like Delhi, Rajasthan, and Mumbai until 2001. After that, he worked in different areas and had important roles like being in charge of marketing at ICICI Prudential AMC and leading the brand at Levi Strauss India. In 2003, he left his job at Levi Strauss in Bengaluru and started a new business called Origin Resource. This business taught people about managing money and assets.


Britannia and eBay India


In 2005, he went back to working for a company and joined Britannia as someone who takes care of marketing. After seven months, he left Britannia and started working at eBay India. In just two years, he became in charge of eBay in India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. While working at eBay, he also had an important role in a group called IAMAI. This group looked after things related to the Internet and mobile technology in India. When he was at eBay, he met Ashish Shah, who later became his partner in starting Pepperfry, a company that sells things online for homes.


Ambareesh Murty Pepperfry



Murty and Ashish Shah started Pepperfry together in 2012 in Mumbai. The main office of Pepperfry is also in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Pepperfry is worth a lot of money, around $500 million. Many times, different people and companies gave them money to help their business, and the total amount they received from these investors is about $244 million. Some of the investors are companies like Goldman Sachs and Bertelsmann India Investments.



Ambareesh Murthy at his workplace

Ambareesh Murthy at his workplace


Ambareesh Murty’s Death



On 7 August 2023, he died in Leh, Ladakh, India, after suffering a heart attack.



Interesting Facts About Ambareesh Murthy


  • Ambareesh’s family had to move to different houses many times because his mother had a job working for the government, and her work needed her to change places. According to him, during the first 20 years of his life, his family had to move seven times. They lived in houses that were either provided by the government or that they rented.



  • Once, in a media conversation, he remembered that when he got married, he and his wife used the Rs. 15,000 cash they got as a wedding gift to buy one thing – a bookshelf.



  • When Ambareesh was beginning his startup in 2012, he didn’t choose a name for it right away. He changed his LinkedIn status to ‘starting up,’ but he didn’t share any details about what his business would be. Soon, about 100 people messaged him saying they wanted to be part of his business. Eventually, he picked around five to six people from those 100 who became the main team for Pepperfry.



  • On his old social media profile, he jokingly said he was a secret sociopath and shared that he really liked reading history and epic fantasy books. According to CrunchBase, Murty was part of the board at Adonia Hospitality.



  • Ambareesh Vedantam Murty really loved riding bikes and going on trips. The last video of Murty was about his trip to Leh. Murty loved to travel and he used Instagram a lot. He liked showing his followers some parts of his trips. He was quite brave and liked going to faraway places. He would then tell people about his experiences on social media. In 2022, he chose to go on a trip to a road that was not easy to drive on in the Zanskar region in Ladakh.
    The last picture Instagrammed by Murty

    The last picture was Instagrammed by Murty

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