Pranjal Kamra-Wiki, Biography, Age, Course, Book, Education, LinkedIn, YouTube, Family, Girlfriend, Family, Hometown, Finology Ventures

Pranjal Kamra Biography

Pranjal Kamra-Wiki, Biography, Age, Course, Book, Education, LinkedIn, YouTube, Family, Girlfriend, Family, Hometown, Finology Ventures

Full Name
Pranjal Kamra
16 February 1993 (29 years)
Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Zodiac Sign
Known For
Being the Founder & CEO of Finology Ventures Private Limited


Pranjal Kamra is the founder and CEO of Finology Ventures Private Limited, a legal and financial consultancy firm in India. He was born on 16 February 1993 (29 years as of 2022) and he was brought up in Raipur Chattisgarh. Pranjal Kamra went to Holy Cross Senior Secondary School, Kapa, Raipur. 

Pranjal Kamra was a very shy student, who was often criticized by his teachers for not speaking well. He was not creative and had no hobbies at that time. However, after that, he started working on his speaking skill by making a habit of reading a newspaper, participating in debates, and working on his articulation skills. And, eventually, he became a better speaker. 

Then, he went to Hidayatullah National Law University to pursue his Bachelor’s in Law. After that, he went to the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) for completing his further studies (3 July 2016 – 1 April 2017). Currently, he is serving as the owner and founder of Finology Ventures Private Limited. 


Pranjal Kamra Biography Wiki Bio

Physical Statistics

Eye Color- Black

Hair Color- Black

Height – 5’8″ (in feet inches)


Pranjal Kamra was born in a Hindu family. His father’s name is Ravi Kamra and his mother’s name is Madhu Kamra, who works at the Durga Mahavidyalaya College in Raipur, Chattisgarh, India. Pranjal has one sibling, Priyanshi Kamra. 



Pranjal Kamra with his sister

A childhood picture of Pranjal Kamra with his sister




Pranjal Kamra with his mother and father

Pranjal Kamra with his mother and father


Pranjal Kamra with his mother and sister

Kamra with his mother and sister


Pranjal Kamra is in a relationship with Priya Jain, who is working as a lawyer and co-founder at Finology. 



Pranjal Kamra with his girlfriend Priya

Kamra with his girlfriend Priya Jain


Pranjal Kamra's girlfriend Priya Jain

Pranjal Kamra’s girlfriend Priya Jain


Pranjal Kamra is one of the leading financial experts in India, who is also the founder of Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd., a legal and financial consultancy firm. However, he started his career while he was just in 5th grade. He used to rent out CDs and comic books to people. 

Pranjal pursued his career in law, where his articulation skills were crucial. However, soon after he joined college, he realized that it is not just his articulation skills that would help him in being a good lawyer, but in-depth knowledge of the subject and excellent research skills as well. He managed to rank 135 in the batch of 145 students at that time. 

While he was in college, he realized that he was not interested in studying law. however, he was more inclined toward the social movements happening at that time in Chattisgarh. Pranjal started to develop an interest in Finance while he was in his 3rd year of Graduation. He was influenced by the stock market, which made him more curious about the finance world. Once, he asked his father for some money to invest:

I casually asked my father for money to invest. He gave me Rs. 20,000 on the condition that I if I lose it, I would have to focus entirely on my Legal Studies. That very year my father had gifted me my first scooter, which was a TVS wego and I was totally in love with it. So due to this emotional attachment, I invested in TVS motors and beginner’s luck worked in my favour, in almost a year, the stock grew 10 times and the 4 thousand I had invested was now worth 40 thousand. I became overconfident and all the other stocks I bought failed miserably.”


Pranjal Kamra receiving award

Pranjal Kamra receiving an award


Influence of Stock Market:

By the time he was in the 4th year of his graduation, he started to read about Warren Buffet and was highly influenced by his ideologies and market strategies that he followed. Then, when he was in his 4th year of graduation, his parents wanted him to pursue his studies further. They wanted Pranjal to pursue a post-graduation degree in LLM. However, his interest had completely shifted from law to the stock market by then. He wanted to pursue a stock market-related course at the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). So, he went on to give the entrance exam, without telling his parents. Pranjal successfully cleared the exam and later convinced his parents to let him pursue this stock market course from the only SEBI-affiliated institute. 

While pursuing his course at NISM, he realized that the finance and insurance market was heavily influenced by biased experts’ advice. Hence, he wanted to create a platform that shares in-depth and clear knowledge about the stock market. Hence, in 2018, he founded Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd., which is a firm that provides financial and legal services to people. 

Experience at Finology Ventures:

About his whole experience at Finology and what really inspired him, he said in an interview:

It pinched me very hard and I was determined that I will start my own venture wherein all advice will be research-backed and unbiased. But, I had no money and I couldn’t ask my father so I basically started Finology as an expanded blog, I learned a bit of coding and designed the website, I started making YouTube videos from June 2017 and for the first 6 months, no one was watching me. I made more than 60 videos to no response. But, I kept learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization), graphic designing and my personal investments were doing well. So, I was learning various arts constantly and thereby each video was better than the previous one. Finally, my 61st video went viral and it has been a good going since then. Now we aim to assist everyone who wants to explore the Stock Market by addressing right at touchpoints of investors irrespective of whatever phase of investment they are at. We aim to do it through: Education – There are YouTube videos on financial education and also a plethora of free & premium courses in the ‘Learn’ section of our website.

Interesting Facts About Pranjal Kamra

1. Pranjal Kamra is the famous founder and CEO of Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 


2. He also runs a YouTube channel titled his name, pranjal kamra. He joined YouTube with his channel on May 13, 2011, and his first video was, Best Mutual Funds for 2018. 




Pranjal Kamra in newspapers


3. The most popular video on his YouTube channel is Stock Market For Beginners | How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market | Hindi, which has more than 10 million views as of 2022. 




4. Pranjal Kamra has authored two business books.

a) Investonomy: The Stock Market Guide That Makes You Rich.


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b) Mint Your Money: An Easy Manual to Unlocking Your Wealth-Creating Potential: An Easy Manual to Unlock Your Wealth-Creating Potential. 

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5. Pranjal is also fond of traveling and exploring new places.  



Pranjal Kamra in Israel

Pranjal Kamra in Israel


6. In June 2022, he was invited by another entrepreneur and YouTuber, Sandeep Maheshwari on his YouTube channel.




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