Adah Sharma’s Performance Review in The Kerala Story

Adah Sharma's performance in The Kerala Story

Adah Sharma’s Performance Review in The Kerala Story

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Adah Sharma's performance in The Kerala Story
Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, Siddhi Idnani
Release Date
5 May 2023
Directed By
Sudipto Sen
Produced By
Vipul Amrutlal Shah

The Kerala Story has been a significant point of discussion these days. As soon as the teaser release of the film, which stars Adah Sharma and is directed by Sudipto Sen, the movie has been a point of debate in the industry. It is due to the controversy and great Adah Sharma’s performance review in The Kerala Story. Adah Sharma in The Kerala Story is simply astounding. 

The Kerala Story is now released in cinemas, and the Indian judiciary deserves recognition for refusing the movie’s ban petition. This movie has a much higher motive than any commercial gain. It is based on actual events and has the power to resonate for prioritizing the proper human protection of human rights with open-minded perspectives.

The Kerala Story

This story revolves around the journey of three girls from different areas of Kerala who belong to the Hindu religion. The main focus is on Shalini, who gets manipulated into believing Islam is superior to all other religions. She is abducted as a hostage and forced to accept Islam and join the terrorist organization ISIS. Her two friends help her rescue her from this mission and all the torture she is going through. 


The Kerala Story - Review and performances


Adah Sharma’s performance review in The Kerala Story gives an outstanding performance as Shalini. The character captures her Malayali accent with great accuracy. The film highlights the struggles of these young women and their fight against oppressive forces. 

The cast of Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani, and Sonia Balani is all relatively new to the film industry. Still, they put in their best effort to portray the story of The Kerala Story. Despite the potential for backlash, the director, Sudipto Sen, and producer, Vipul Shah, are very transparent and clear in telling the story and refuse to get soft and subtle in most of the shocking parts of the movie. 

Performance Review of Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma delivers a highly recognized performance, which results in the audience quickly forgetting that she is the same model whose videos are often seen on Instagram. Her transformation into the characters of Shalini/Fatima is remarkable. From her natural accent to her natural body language to her flawlessly bruised and battered make-up, Sharma’s execution was perfect.

The positive aspect of the character was her ability to capture the simplicity of a young woman who had just gone off to college and the gradual process of her brainwashing into becoming a terrorist. She displayed this transformation in a refined and robust manner. 


The Kerala Story - Review


In the interrogation scene, she maintained the innocence and determination visible in the movie. She perfectly depicts the misleading into committing acts she didn’t understand and that were harmful. Sharma was skilled at conveying and skilfully portraying these nuances on screen, successfully connecting her character to the audience. Adah Sharma in The Kerala Story is amazing!!

Best Working Part of the Story

The story of “The Kerala Story” is structured and displays the constant shifting between the past and the present. The current events are described in hues of dullness and drabness. On the other hand, the flashback recollections are filled with vivid colors reflecting the range of emotions and situations based on the characters’ experiences. 

The movie is highly engaging, which keeps the viewers thoroughly entertained and connected from start to finish. All the portrayed characters display excellent depth and complexity, which ensures that viewers actively take part in their journey till the end of the story.



The Kerala Story Review

Final Verdict

The Kerala Story is meaningful and offers the best viewing experience showcasing the complicated truths of “God’s Own Country” in Kerala. The movie may be unsettling for some viewers, as the filmmakers went to great lengths and aspects to prove their point. 

It is not easy to make a film like The Kerala Story, and it requires a great deal of courage and thorough research; thus, something needs to be added in this context. Director Sudipto Sen has put an ultimate effort into the story with multiple unexpected twists and turns to define the tale excitingly. Adah Sharma in The Kerala Story was simply incredible. 


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